Bank Credit Name Interest Rate Minimum Term Maximum Term
 Konut Kredisi % 0,82 1 yıl 10 yıl
 Sabit Faizli Mortgage % 0,91 1 yıl 10 yıl
 Konut Finansmanı % 0,75 1 yıl 10 yıl
 Konut Finansmanı % 0,88 1 yıl 10 yıl
 Konut Kredisi % 0,89 1 yıl 10 yıl
 Kişiye Özel Mortgage % 0,94 1 yıl 10 yıl
 Standart Mortgage % 0,73 1 yıl 10 yıl
 Sabit Taksitli Mortgage % 0,80 1 yıl 10 yıl
 Konut Kredisi % 0,82 1 yıl 10 yıl
 İşbankası Ev Kredisi Mart Kampanyası % 0,82 1 yıl 10 yıl
 Kelepir mortgage % 0,79 1 yıl 10 yıl

Housing Credit / Mortgage

Mortgage which is an English word means housing credit with long payment periods. Mortgage, the main method of house acquisition especially in U.S.A and Europe, enables parents to get credit for 20-30 years and become a homeowner. After a law was enacted in 2007 in Turkey, “mortgage” was appeared as an important source to become a homeowner.

Refinancing / Restructuring Credit

With the laws that have gone in effect recently, it was enabled an reorganisation under the names of refinancing / restructuring, as a result of credit loan, because of using whether housing credits or credit cards.

Housing Credit Calculation

By the housing credit calculation tool that offers you, you can compare housing credits all-in cost and demand credit by seeing real cost.

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